Search Term Coincidences

Since this week we haven't given xkcd enough love, I'll use another entertaining comic as a springboard to lame attempts at humor nothing.

As asserted in # 522 and confirmed here, the search term "men kissing" is most popular in Utah, followed by South Carolina, then Kentucky in third place. Oh man, so many GOP jokes, so little time.

While I did get a chuckle out of the suggested other associations:

    "installing ubuntu" in Redmond, WA
    "running for president in 2010" in Wasilla, AK
    "lincoln fan fiction" in Chicago, IL

I was inspired to find my own funny coincidences.
"sheep": Colorado, Oregon, Utah - not really funny unless you want to make it so.
"bistol palin": Anchorage, Reston VA, Richardson TX
"yellow snow": Salt Lake City, Rochester NY, Denver
"american idol": St Louis, San Diego, Denver.
Okay, so those aren't really very funny, but they are interesting... and it's a great timewaster if/when you can come up with more interesting search strings.

I also have to repeat the #522 mousover tag:

Obama has been writing Lincoln/Obama erotic fan fiction on his secret livejournal. Excerpt: Lincoln lay back on the bed, nude save for his trademark stovepipe hat. 'Tell me,' he purred seductively, as he and Obama formed a more perfect union. 'When you come, is it 10% ethanol?'

I mean, wow.