Two Monitors for Productivity Increases

According to the New York Times, two monitors on your desk results in a huge (44%) increase in productivity.

Unfortunately, the article starts off badly, "...using two 20-inch monitors instead of a single 18-inch screen..." Umm, yeah.

Two monitors = 44 percent increase in productivity : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech.

I'm currently rocking a single 24" screen and I'm pretty happy with that.

[Edit: here's the original article. ]


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4 thoughts on “Two Monitors for Productivity Increases”

  1. This summer I had three 20" monitors in front of me. I have to say, when dealing with huge spreadsheet, the extra real estate is really useful. Also it's also very nice when you need to do multi tasking all the time. Now coming back to a single 15" screen, hmm....

  2. Wait, this is pretty revolutionary math Nathaniel... so the article is saying that a 247% increase in screen area corresponds to a 44% increase in productivity? Oooh, damn, that's pretty surprising indeed.

    I recently moved offices, which resulted in losing a window but gaining a 20" Cinema Display. Not a fair trade, but I do enjoy the extra screen space.

  3. hmm, I seem to suck at this blogging thing, out of practice - that comment really sounds a little snarky at Nathaniel, sorry man, didn't mean it that way, if that's how it came across.

    Ummm, yeah, just killing time until 9am (PST) when I can leave work and go down to the cafeteria so I can watch the big moment. The higher-ups sent out a notice specifically asking us not to stream-watch the event, which is normally kinda funny, but I'd like to see the bandwidth spike stats at ~11:55am EST.

  4. No worries. According to my math though, they're saying something like a 200% increase in screen area give you a 44% increase in productivity. (2*20*20=800 vs 18*18=324, ignore the fuzzy math)

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