Macworld Expo Followup

So, the Apple keynote, while introducing slick new versions of iWork and iLife, and announcing the tiered pricing and DRM-free iTunes songs, featured no Steve, and was a disappointment to many - including AAPL stockholders.

Long-time Apple fans, however, should not have been surprised when the "one more thing" was announced the next day: the MacBook Wheel!  Combining the best features of their award-winning iPod line with the ease of use and stability of Mac OSX, this is an impressive of innovation and engineering.  Just watch the movie: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop. Pretty slick!



I thought the Onion was "Fake News"?

But honestly, without doing some background reading, it's hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction: Area Woman Becomes Republican Vice Presidential Candidate... Palin was "happy enough to have beaten out the other potential Republican VP candidates, including a Nebraska receptionist and a congresswoman from Ohio with more than 20 years of political experience."

Okay, time to move on and focus on the inagual ball and all the poor fashion items exhibited there.