The 'other' victims of steroid use

Sorry for another baseball post, but I think I have a few saved up. Besides, this is more a rant on the stupidity of MLB (and the NFL) than about sports, per se.

JC Romero was notified yesterday that he was suspended 50 games (~$1.25 million in salary)... okay, fine, maybe he was on the juice, or maybe not - but the way that MLB has gone about the investigation is pretty sketchy. After Romero found out that a supplement (okayed by two different nutritionists) had caused a failed test, he said he quit taking all supplements, and a later test came back negative.

Instead, in what could cynically be interpreted as an attempt to show the public that the drug policy is effective (i.e. catches people), the MLB brass offered to reduce the suspension to 25 games, but Romero had to admit guilt.

"I told them that if I ever tested positive again I would accept a 100 day suspension," Romero said. "They know I didn't cheat. And yet the rest of my career people are going to say, 'he cheated,' even though I tested negative at the start of the playoffs. I did what I was told to do, what I thought was legal and right."