Quantum of Solace

Woohoo, first movie I've gone to see in five months!

When "Casino Royale" came out, it was an amazing thing. A James Bond movie whose plot didn't require billions of improbable spy gadgets. It had actual acting. And a plot! The main thing about it though was that I, at least, spent a lot of the movie saying "My God, James Bond is just so fucking cool."

"Quantum of Solace" is really a continuation of "Casino Royale", it starts minutes after where the first movie ended and, in the end, resolves a few of the questions from the first movie. The action is good, the acting is decent, there's a bad guy, hot women, everything that you'd expect. The thing missing though is that "James Bond is fucking cool." vibe. There's not that much separating JAMES BOND from anyone else. Yeah, he flies a plane, races cars, etc, but any secret agent could do that. I want to see a special secret agent. I want to see him bend luck to his will. I want the amazing to be plausible because of the strength of personality.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I want to win the lottery.