Go Joe Pa!

Just a quick shout out to MBH and his Penn State Nittany Lions. PSU is currently ranked #2 in the country behind Alabama in the Harris and Coaches polls, and #3 in the BCS and AP. With any luck they'll be headed to the national title game since Alabama (still to play LSU, Auburn and the SEC championship game) and Texas Tech (still to play OU and the Big 12 title game) are sure to lose at least one before the season comes to an end.

Take that Bowden. Joe Paterno is 81 years old and still kicking ass.


This just in: Africa is a country! (??!?!?!?!?)

So... it looks like we dodged a serious bullet. Turns out Sarah Palin was unaware that Africa is a continent ... with many countries making it up.

Something about this seems familiar to me... Are we sure Sarah Palin isn't Miss Teen South Carolina? She is currently doing wonders for the reputation of her alma mater, the University of Idaho. Hooray education!