Political Opinions on Facebook

I find it very entertaining to look at the status updates that everyone has put up since last night, things like:

Joel, "Hurray! America!"

Sam (a friend from high school), "yes. We. DID!"

John, "CAN I GET A FUCK YEAH!?!? And yeah, it deserved all caps"

101 friends with recent status updates and it pretty much just goes on like that. Of course, since that's the way I voted, I completely agree.

The interesting ones are the social conservatives:
"Stephanie is wishing Alaska had more electoral votes."
"Matt can't believe we just elected the most far left, pro-abortion, least experienced candidate in history.... scary."
"Tom is not happy to be in a socialist country. hope we can change back."
"Rachael is wondering where to move when Obama screws us all!"

I might be a bit of a pragmatist, but Obama isn't going to be able to dramatically change the country. We have too much inertia. It's not like we can pull all the troops out of Iraq on January 21, nor would we want to. Since the executive branch is mainly in charge of enforcing laws and congress actually makes them, there aren't going to be huge changes to social programs or taxes either. After all, if there's one thing you can expect from Democrats, it's internal dissent.

I fully expect that we'll continue with mostly business as usual. The mostly is the key part though, we now have a president who is smart and understands nuance. Someone who can see the right path and try to steer the country towards it. Someone who hopefully won't make impulsive idiotic decisions to alienate the rest of the world and put his own good above the good of humanity.

It's going to be a very very interesting eight years. 🙂