Wow, not a lot of blog traffic

Here are my excuses:
1. baby
2. had to give colloquium here yesterday
3. had to resubmit paper today
4. have to have draft of next paper to collaborators tomorrow
5. semester at loyola starts tuesday, need syllabus and lesson plan

what excuses do you all have?


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2 thoughts on “Wow, not a lot of blog traffic”

  1. My posting slowdown began in early spring, when I received a job offer and began the mad scramble to complete things in time to fulfill my new responsibilities. Here's a brief rundown of the last two months:

    1. Defended thesis June 23.
    2. Left for Houston July 2.
    3. Moved in to new apartment July 6.
    4. Started new job July 8.
    5. Classes resumed August 25.
    6. My class has 215+ students.

    So, yeah, little blogging for me as well.

  2. My excuses:

    1. Your mom.
    2. I'm generally uninteresting nowadays
    3. Most things I would post are from places everyone here reads anyway (XKCD, PhD etc..)
    4. Drove to Chicago yesterday.
    5. Flying to Salt Lake today.
    6. Flying back to Chicago Wednesday.
    7. Driving to Philly on Thursday.
    8. Driving back from Philly on Sunday.
    9. Working on 3 papers at once.
    10. Lameness

    Reasons to come for lack of posting:
    1. Actually taking a class this fall.
    2. Giving plasma seminar in Oct.
    3. Going to our Canadian field stations in 3 weeks.
    4. Will still be working on those 3 papers ...
    5. Need to find a job.
    6. Continual lameness

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