BBQ in the Upper Valley

This could really be just a comment on Nathaniel's post, but such an important public service message deserves its own post.

Jules, you will be pleased to know that there are not one but two BBQ joints at your disposal: Curtis' in Putney, VT (about half an hour South on I-91), and Big Fatty's just across the river in WRJ. I may have a slight preference for Curtis' place just based on fond memories of summertime laziness, but Big Fatty's does a good job too, and the convenience is pretty good for rural NH. They are both more of a wet sauce, more southern than western BBQ, so don't go expecting Oklahoma/Texas-style dry rub, but Curtis' ribs are great, as is the brisket esp later in the summer, and Big Fatty's pulled pork sandwich is not a ripoff.

Since links are fun, I'll save you the 7.2 seconds of Google-time:


Things that are manly: 4

Have to give credit to Favre-less GB wideout James Jones for providing an excellent example of "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". Any hit that knocks your helmet off your head and 10 yards down field is impressive, and to then turn that into a TD reception does count as manly.

Jones' quote after the game:

"It was an in route, you know, we got the right coverage that we wanted, Aaron (Rodgers) threw it. I knew I was going to get hit. I didn't know how hard I was going to get hit. I knew I was going to get hit though. Going through my head, was just, ‘catch the ball,' and instead of tackling me, he tried to take me out for good ... I was rang for a minute. Like I said, I was just praying I was going the right direction. I was rang for a minute pretty good, I had a little stinger. But it was fine."

Oh yeah, and that Phelps guy got another gold. I guess 8 golds counts as manly. But even more impressive is missing the 50 meter freestyle gold by 0.01 seconds... when you're 41! Wow.