Alumni Email

When I left Dartmouth, I set up my alumni email and then promptly forgot about it until today. This is a bit of an apology for not replying to the 125 messages that you all have sent to me over the last 2 years. Whoopsie.


dactyl failure!

I'm not sure what happened, but dactyl mysteriously crashed last night at about 7:30. It's a little bit worrisome because (excluding the first weeks when dactyl was woodbox and overheated all the time) the machine has only crashed once before. Hopefully this was a random rare event and not a sign that the hardware is starting to die.

As a reminder though, everything on dactyl from user accounts and directories to the blog does get backed up on a daily basis. If something catastrophic happens, I'll move everything somewhere else in fairly short order.

If, at some point, dactyl doesn't respond for what you need to do, follow this procedure. 1) (assuming you're off campus) make sure you can get to If the entire campus's connection is down, dactyl is definitely going to be down. 2) send me an email saying something like "dactyl wtf!"

Jerod was the lucky person to answer the phone this morning and did a quick reboot fixing things, so he gets a shout out.