Sneaking Around the Edges of the Internet

Let me outline a problem to you using four examples.

One, you're visiting China and want to blog about oppression you see during the Olympics. Now, the Chinese government has cracked down on internet free speech, so if you want to blog directly, you're boned.

Two, your work decides that too many people are spending time on Facebook during the workday and blocks access.

Three, you really need to read Phys Rev D, but you're at home and can't read the articles because your home network isn't subscribed to the journal.

Four, you really want to see asian donkey porn, but don't want it tied back to you or your IP address.

Find out how after the jump.
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Play MarioKart, ace Med School

Well, they don't say what games are being played, but lazy students have a new excuse in their arsenal now that surgical residents in a Phoenix AZ hospital are now being required to play Wii games as part of their training.

Q: Can a video game really help somebody improve as a surgeon?

Smith: We used cyber gloves which computerize hand movements of surgeons and we put those on surgeons. We have data on that. We put them on people playing the Wii. There is a very, very high correlation between the two and this is documented statistically.

I remember reading earlier this year an article on how marble madness was a particularly good training exercise for fine motor control - to noone's real surprise. Those clever little accelerometers.