Giving people your camera/when did that happen?

I only shot a handful of pictures in the hospital when Sarah was being born and I shot them all on film. Then, with the busy times, it took me a while to get things developed. End of story, one roll came back in the mail today.

Lately, I've only been getting negatives processed and then scanning them, so I was holding the strip of negatives up to the light. My thoughts were something like, "Waiting room, waiting room, hospital room, oh yeah, I remember taking a picture of that." Then a few frames later, "Who the hell is that? What is going on in this picture? I don't remember taking that!"

It turns out that, when we went into the OR, I handed my camera to one of the nurses and she photographed the entire c-section. In graphic detail. I'm actually kind of happy about it because now there's a very interesting record of what happened. I'm very happy too that it was b&w film.


A post about trees

I think that I made a post on the same topic last year, but it bears repeating: branches look much smaller in a tree than on the ground.

I had to trim trees today because there were some branches that touched the house and served as ant highways. I only had to cut a small number of branches but ended up filling around 10 contractor bags. (Of course, you can't pack branches with very good density. If I had a chipper, it would only have been one or two very heavy bags.)