Where am I?

Yeah, just got the following from campus security here at UMD - that's right, College Park MARYLAND:


July 31, 2008
There have been several reliable sightings of an animal fitting the
description of a cougar on the campus.  The description of the sighted
cat is: light tan and tawny brown, about 4 feet long with a 4 foot tail,
and weighing about 50 pounds.  Several sightings have been reported from
the area of Cole Field House, near the Clarice Smith Performing Arts
Center, and continuing through the wooded areas to the area of the
Comcast Center and Arena Drive Garage.  There has been no report of
aggressive behavior on the part of the animal, but community members are
warned that cougars are a predatory species and that, if seen, the
animal should not be approached.

If you see the animal, please contact the university police at
301-405-3555.  University police are working with other agencies to
remove the animal from the campus area.


A friend of mine has said that she's heard reports from reliable people of cougars in the woods in northeastern PA, and sure, I've been seeing a lot of deer here in College Park when I walk the dog through the "woods", but cougars?  Geez, where am I?

We're thinking of going cougar hunting, since the sightings are in the area of the astro building.


One thought on “Where am I?”

  1. Well, we made a quick lap around the building, but there was no kitty 🙁

    Here's the video proof of the alert, though. Interesting that the email alert did NOT include the standard "don't run away, instead be loud and make yourself bigger" that I'm sure all the astronomers on the blog are familiar with. Given that the guy who says it in the video is the guy whose name is signed on the email alert.

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