Daddy, what is going on?

So, just in case I didn't email any of you or you didn't catch it on Facebook, my daughter was born last week on the 16th. So Sarah Elliot Paust is out and about. She was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth and 20.75 inches long.

Luckily, at this age she has to stay where I put her when I pose her for silly pictures. In this one, Sarah asks, "Why am I dressed like a burrito?"


Kung Fu Panda

I would say that the best part about this movie is that you get the comic genius of Jack Black without having to actually see his face, but that's not fair to the movie.  This film is very well done, both conceptually and technically.  A clean but engaging animation style and several strong performances combine to produce a very fun and funny movie.  


The 'plot' is 100% folk tale/fable/etc, but that's not a bad thing.  In this case predictability allows you to sit back and just enjoy the movie in all of its awesomeness... there were really maybe only two slow spots out of the whole film.  Good stuff.


The war is over, they won

With my moving down to Boston, I feel it is no longer reasonable that I continue my fight against modernization by refusing to get a cell phone. I won't go into the many reasons why I dislike them, sufficed to say I think they herald the end of civilization, but now I find myself weighing the prospect of having 2 land line phone bills vs. 1 shared cell phone plan.

So, since this is my first time I'd like to request input from all of you as to what I should look for in a cell phone plan and in a cell phone from said plan. Neither Kathy nor I talk on the phone that much and we'll primarily be calling either each other or family back in New Mexico.

What says the council in this my hour need?