Funny trades

This past week, a minor league baseball team (Calgary Vipers) traded pitcher John Odom to the Laredo Broncos for 10 maple bats with a value of $650 (Odom was unable to get into Canada due to a minor but unspecified infraction). Odom appeared to have a good attitude about the trade, saying "hopefully I can turn it into a good thing. I mean I might be able to turn it into a feel-good story. ... It's just one of those funny stories that will go down in history and that I'll be able to tell my kids about."

Actually, he's in pretty good company - check out the trades listed below, courtesy Jim Caple and the internet.

Ernie Harwell: The Brooklyn Dodgers acquired the broadcaster from the Atlanta Crackers in exchange for catcher Cliff Dapper.

Lefty Grove: Traded by a minor league team for the repair costs of its outfield fence that was knocked down in a storm.

Dave Winfield: The Twins traded him to Cleveland during 1994 strike for a dinner between the GMs if the season did not resume.

Randy Winn: Tampa Bay traded him to the Mariners for right to sign Lou Piniella as manager.

Harry Chiti: The Mets traded the catcher to Cleveland in 1962 for a player to be named later. The player wound up being Chiti, who went back to the Mets.

Tim Fortugno: Minor league Reno traded him to Stockton for 12 dozen baseballs and $2,500 in 1989.

Johnny Johns: Traded for a 25-pound live turkey.

Joe Martina: Texas Leaguer traded for two barrels of oysters.

Al Michaels: To sign the announcer, NBC traded ABC/Disney the copyright to Disney's old cartoon character, Oswald the Rabbit.