I need to carry my camera with me

I was taking a little break from editing a paper and walked through a park right next to my office. There were some girls waving around a stick on the other side of the park so I walked over that way to find out that they were trying to defend a hurt bunny from a hawk. After a while, they realized it was kind of pointless and wandered off.

Anyway, I need to carry my real camera with me because the camera on the iPhone is shit by comparison.

A hawk waiting for a good taste of rabbit meat.

A few notes: I saw this hawk a couple days ago on my way to lunch, so it apparently lives on the JHU campus. The campus is bordered by a pretty large wild park, so there are lots of birds here. Other than it being a juvenile something or other, I can't identify it. I saw the bunny today on my way back from lunch too. It wasn't doing a lot of moving around at noonish, so I'm guessing that the hawk chose the slow bunny to eat.


Geek/techie post

(1) What does the soapboxosphere know about the Roku? It's kinda an iTV + Netflix thing, where for $99 you get a box that allows Netflix subscribers access to their entire 'Watch Now' movie database. No extra fees, no computer necessary. My take is that the aaplTV will provide new/hip/trendy things, while this Netflix things gives you good access to older/nonpremium films.

(2) A recent study concludes that even with HD-DVD defeated, BluRay hasn't immediately taken off, in no small part due to the fact that Blu-Ray players still cost a billion dollars. Duh. (But I still want one).

(3) Two more uses for AirportExpress:

(4) Finally, if you're traveling a lot, I don't see how/why to not get one of these. Screw the Macbook Air, you can put your whole computer in your pocket, as long as you have a host computer to boot on. 160 Gig for $129, and measures in at 12.7 cm x 8.1 cm x 1.8 cm.