TV post #2: American Idol

I'll just go with this one bullet-style:

  • Randomly switched on the TV just as the last episode of Idol started.  Now apparently this is the six or seventh season?  But I've never seen one, so I decided to stick around and learn a little about pop cuture.
  • Was also intrigued because Tony Kornheiser (of ESPN's PTI fame) makes reference to Idol on his podcast, so I had some familiarity with his opinions of the show.
  • David A. scared me, he looked two-dimensional and very breakable.  Tony K called him "a Disney kid" and "Celine Dion as a seventeen-year-old boy".  Great voice, sang Elton John very well, but ugh.  couldn't watch him, but convinced taht he'll win.
  • David Cook is a much better musician, but not the heart-throb of 13-year-old girls, so he can't win.

I feel kinda dirty now for having posted on this.  But it's been several years since I posted something about The OC, so maybe it's alright?


TV #1: SoCal vanity

So this past week I have ended up watching more non-sports TV than normal (i.e. greater than zero).  I accidentally stumbled on the season finales of both American Idol and CSI: Miami (separate posts) as well as five minutes of the finale of Dancing With The Stars (all I could handle), and local (LA and SD) news.

Regarding the last item, I mean no offense to anyone who stays well hydrated, but I was moderately amused when the 10 o'clock news started off with a tease "how drinking bottled water may be bad for your face!"  I could imagine millions of Beverly Hills soccer moms reacting in horror and being glued to their TV sets for the next half hour.

Apparently, they weren't kidding... pursing your lips while drinking from a small-mouth bottle could eventually lead to "smokers' lips," with one doctor claiming that "drinking a lot of bottled water can actually be like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

Okay, how scientific is that?  "a lot of bottled water"?  hmm.
Finally, there was one quote from a starlet along the lines of "I'm not going to stop drinking my [fancy posh brand name bottled water], I'm just going to get my lips done."  Good times.


Lord Stanley time

I will start by urging everyone to at least consider watching the Stanley Cup finals, starting this evening. This is a fantastic matchup and should make for some high-quality and exciting hockey.

Anyway, I thought that the season deserved at least some mention. San Jose was perhaps the best team in the league, but choked and got their coach fired, four months after Ottawa similarly imploded.

But that is much less interesting than the awesomely-titled but disappointing website: Hot Chicks with Lord Stanley. I like the concept, but it's not really a great collection of photos.

Finally, I'm significantly biased against the stupid Red Wings, but I really do think that the the Pens have what it takes.