Pin Hole Camera

nearly complete paper pinhole camera
I found these plans for a paper pinhole camera that looks like a boxy 35mm SLR. The plans were originally published in a Czech engineering magazine during the Soviet era. Conveniently the pdf includes instructions in both Czech and English. It was a pretty easy build. I'm about 90% done with it. The hardest part was smoothly popping the end off an empty film canister so that I could reverse the spindle to receive the exposed film (I used a bottle opener). I pasted the printed pattern onto some black posterboard before cutting it out, but I think I'll also tape over all the edges with electrical tape before my first shoot. Hopefully I'll post some pinhole images soon.


I can has rare burger?

Would you say this squirrel has been eating flesh? Check out the bloody teeth (click image to view larger).
Squirrel, Close up
focal length: 23.8 mm (142.8mm in 35 mm equivalence), aperture: f/3.5, shutter: 1/160, distance: ~0.5 m

I took this on Boston Common. Those squirrels have clearly learned that people won't hurt them and might even give them them food: he was only about 2 feet away from the lens. I didn't feed him.