Ca$h back

So, even though the major credit card companies do not  concede any wrongdoing, a class-action lawsuit against them is in its final stages, which means that you have ~10 days left to claim $$ from them.

This stems from the foreign currency fees charged by Visa/Mastercard/etc, so click here if you used your credit card overseas between 1996 and 2006.   I haven't finished it yet -updates today or tomorrow, but I am told that the best way is to call first and get a claim number, then finish it up online.  (But it has to be done/completed by May 30th!)

There are three different options: if you didn't travel much, then you just get $25.  Or you can total up your time spent abroad, or if you spent a lot and have absurdly good records, you can enter the amount that you spent abroad.


Email trouble

Apparently I've had several messages delayed or gone missing.  So apologies to any of you in blogland for seeming to have ignored your mail, and similarly have any of your received any email from me in the last week or two?  No worries if you've just been busy, but it would be nice to know.