Baby Names

Kirsten and I have been working on a name, and it's really really hard. We have a good name, but is it the perfect name? Should a name even be perfect?

Anyway, a few weeks ago on there was a great story:

Woman 1: I'm so tired of everyone calling my daughter by the wrong name!
Woman 2: What are they calling her?
Woman 1: Everyone calls her "Lady Nasty".
Woman 2: What's her real name?
Woman 1: Her name is La'Dynasty.

So now we're thinking something along those lines.


I'm backwards

So I was channel surfing this evening on our new couch (come visit!) and stumbled across this guy:

I knew the actor looked familiar but couldn't place him.  If you answered "Don Flack from CSI:NY", then good for you.  Or if you came up with "Lords of Dogtown", then nicely done.  But no, I thought for a couple seconds and then came up with "Jim Craig, I mean, Eddie Cahill".  My TV/movie/pop culture IQ is really not that good, sometimes.

IMDB is a beautiful thing.  Apparently Cahill made a guest appearance on Dawson's Creek? and showed up in seven "Friends" episodes as Tag Jones.