Whoa, Manny!

No kidding, y'all: Manny Ramirez, often the sloppiest, goofiest, not-known-for-his-defense-est, yet hard-hitting-est guy in baseball made an absolutely astoundingly funny and awesome play in a recent game. I'd rate its memorable goofiness right up there with Big Papi hugging the Yuniesky Betancourt to get himself out in a Sox-Mariners game last May.

Anyways, you can see Manny's play for yourself, just go and check it out here.
(Mac users beware: my plugins are weird or something so the only sound I get is loud static...)

Anyways, it's a great play that also features Manny being Manny. One big love-hate fest all at once. Gotta love it! 😀