So, I have many excuses for my very poor posting frequency in the last couple months, but you know what they say about excuses, so instead I'll just provide a Nathaniel-ish report of the weekend.


Saturday morning was spent under the kitchen sink, seeking to find and then fix a leak that resulted in the formation of a rather significant puddle in that cabinet every time the garbage disposal was run.  Technically I could have called the maintenance guys for the apartment complex,  but usually their contribution consists of "don't put big things down it" (we don't).  Basically the fault lies with shoddy assembly and materials, so I replaced the crappy no-O-ring screw-down PVC connectors and added some caulk.  Amazingly, our sink cabinet now stays dry!


Then Saturday afternoon we spent six hours furniture shopping downtown; first Macy's, then Jerome's, then back to Macy's once we realized how (relatively) crappy Jerome's inventory was.  We didn't plan it this way, but Saturday just happened to be a Mother's Day/One Day sale so we ended up getting a pretty nice sofa for almost half off.


This is a pretty crappy post since I don't have any pictures to post.  Maybe once the furniture is delivered next week I can upload something.  Really, all of this is supposed to be an inducement to visit SD, since we now have a more comfy seat for your Nintendo-playing fun.  Oh, and a beach a couple miles away, and at least a 70% chance of sun.


I guess I lied: one photo. come visit!