2 thoughts on “Just desserts?”

  1. The hand of justice is slow, but when it allows politicians to grandstand, you can bet that justice will be served... or something like that? [pardon the cynicism] (it should be noted that really this was just a change at the behest of the defense, saying that the original four charges were too vague - so the prosecution broke it up/down into more charges.)

    So yeah, hopefully the whole perjury thing encourages future cheaters to at least not lie about their misdeeds... too late for Roger Clemens, but in order to clean up the sport we need people to come clean, fess up, and move on. Or something like that, dunno.

  2. Really, Karabell said it pretty well on Baseball Today last week - "I just want it all to be over. I confess I'm curious as to whether or not Bonds actually goes to jail, but I want it to be over so that we can look forward."

    Baseball has some exciting young stars. Even Vin Scully agrees with me, when it comes to Clayton Kershaw. seriously, watch this clip!

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