Whooping Cough

So, we picked a pediatrician yesterday. He's actually our neighbor, the same one whose tree fell on Kirsten's car in the fall. He's extremely highly recommended too and his office is close to the house, so he should be a good person to deal with.

Anyway, I learned two interesting things.

1. Adults should get immunized again for whooping cough. Getting it just causes cold-like coughing in adults, but adults are the main reservoir for the disease in the human population. It's all included in the tetanus booster these days.

2. With all the drama about possible connections between vaccines and Autism, he's very pro vaccination. In his words, "I've been practicing medicine long enough to have seen some of the diseases we immunize against." Some really horrible stories... like one 6-week old that he helped treat when he was an intern who had whooping cough. The kid would have attacks of coughing so bad that it would go into respiratory arrest and have to be resuscitated on a daily basis. And this went on for weeks.