The creepy side of wireless

Not to sound like some grumpy old man, but RFID just scares me.   It just seems so vulnerable to hacking while simultaneously too convenient for Big Brother-style monitoring; not a combo I like.  (Then again, I guess it's better for it to be easily hackable in that case, beats the alternative.)  And plus, you can get the animal rates for pay-access public beaches!

[RFID implant]

Anyway, it's probably silly, but there's no way I'm getting a speedpass anytime soon.


POTW #10: The Fattest Squirrel I've Ever Seen

shutter speed: 1/30 sec, focal length: 72 mm (432 mm in 35 mm equivalence), aperture: f/3.5, distance: about 2 meters

I took this picture on my honeymoon in Havre de Grace, Maryland. The squirrels on this boardwalk were not at all afraid of humans, and it shows. I would not be surprised if this guy had been hand fed a few happy meals this year. Continue reading POTW #10: The Fattest Squirrel I've Ever Seen