Big Ups to Baltimore

And that's pronounced "Bah-more" to all y'all non-locals. Also, apologies to all y'all Biggie fans out there for riffing on the man's catchphrase.

Many thanks to the G-Money and his lovely wife for hosting me in their very fine home, conveniently located a short walk from the local light rail stop. Let me just take a moment to recommend their home as the best B&B in the whole of Baltimore City county. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the most exclusive, since you must be close personal friends of the proprietors to enjoy a stay.

On the whole, the AAPT conference I attended while in town was a good experience. Although I was primarily there to participate in the job fair, I only had a handful of interviews, so I took the opportunity to attend some of the sessions in between. Saw a number of good talks on physics education research, renewing my interests in those directions and introducing me to several new topics in the field. Several areas in particular are ones that I have marked for future exploration, once I'm in a position to do so...

Anyways, the few interview experiences I did have were good ones, and even if the opportunities aren't the best fit and/or don't work out for me, I gained some valuable practice at the art of representing myself well.

And so, in closing: Hooray G-Money! Hooray Bah-more! 😀