Phone Talk

Since y'all gave me such fabulous advice about my tires, I thought I'd ask for your opinion on phones. I'm up for a new phone, and it's a good thing since my Motorola RZR, after two years of satisfactory-to-sketchy service, is on its last leg. The three phones I'm considering are the Motorola RZR V3m, the Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m, and the LG Chocolate. I feel like my 16 yr old little sister has admired her friends' chocolates, but I don't know what the appeal is besides the name. Suggestions?

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Hold on, officer. Them's Oregon plates

Another post about an error in a news article. This story isn't terrifically interesting, but there's a nice little nugget at the bottom...

"Moon decided on the tactic after reading on misplace about a boy who claimed he regularly drove 100 mph on Interstate 5 and avoided detection by knowing how to spot patrol cars, relying partly on whether the plates were in-state, Hullinger said."

"misplace"? Could that maybe have been a spell checker automatically replacing "MySpace" or has the author of the article just lived under a rock for the last five years?

Hold on, officer. Them's Oregon plates - Yahoo! News