No, not the casino where "Ooh La La" is performed, but the woman, Paris Hilton.

Apparently he's going to be given the "Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon Award". The funny thing is the news article on Yahoo currently has a correction at the bottom:

(This version CORRECTS award to `Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon' from `Woman of the Year.')

So someone originally said that Paris was going to get the Woman of the Year award from Harvard and then realized that they were very very wrong.

The Yahoo article.



Macbook Air
Apple just announced Macbook Air. But no MBP update??? I was so waiting for today to finally replace my Powerbook. The screen of my powerbook is broken and basically I have to use it as a desktop. Roberto and Paul both once didn't understand why I prefer using a bulky scratched old external monitor and keep the laptop lid half open and type awkwardly -_-b. The new MBA has very cool multi-touch trackpad and I would assume the next MBP will also have this. I guess I'll have to wait longer. I hate apple!