Whiney post of the week

So, I was supposed to be with CPete and Ethan in Vegas this weekend, but thanks to the fact that my job search is still ongoing (instead of being done) it wasn't fiscally responsible.  So, instead of getting the full experience that y'all will hear about soon, thanks to a two-day late phone call that solved nothing, I got to watch a few games of beer pong and a couple first-years who couldn't hold their liquor.

Without going into too much detail, there's a company (we won't name it, but rhymes with Ess Ayy Eye See) that I interviewed for back in last October/early November.  And I know that the interview process takes a while, and especially so during the holidays, but I've now been sitting without a paycheck, in limbo, for over two months, waiting for some kind of decision.

Really, as I told a buddy of mine (Davin, you really should drop a post here now and then) it's really like waiting for a girl to call you, y'know?  If you screw up and don't get her number (which is really a sign that nothing is going to happen, anyway) then how long do you wait for a call?  I would say that you can wait until the next Friday/Saturday, basically; if you meet in a bar on Friday through Wednesday, then she'd better call you the next Friday or Saturday.  If you guys meet on Thursday or Friday night, then it's okay if she waits until the next weekend to call, but really that's not a good sign.  In this case, I HAVE to wait for her to call since she's calling the shots, but after a certain number of excuses when do you just cut your losses?

So, apologies to the guys (and girls) involved, congratulations on your exploits (term used loosely) and  I'll definitely join you next time.


Big Vegas News!

This post is just a placeholder, but today was a very interesting day and you're going to want to hear the stories.

Unfortunately, you're going to need a password to read the full story. That password is going to be my stage name, first and last.

If you don't know it, you can ask me know in anticipation.


Vegas Logic

So, here's a great little nugget for you all.

A 3-day monorail pass in Vegas is $40.

A 1-day monorail pass in Vegas is $9.

So, notice the logical problem with that pricing scheme.