Multi-post! (with commentary)

Sort of like a multi-pass, but with less Milla Jovovich.

Anyways, so I'm half-heartedly watching the Orange Bowl (and really wishing the VT Hokies would hurry up and put a stop to Kansas - I dunno, maybe stop throwing interceptions?), when the half-time show comes on, featuring ZZ Top. As I watched them jam on "Sharp Dressed Man", it occurred to me that those guys could be 90 years old, and they'd still be the coolest dudes in whatever room (or stadium) they found themselves in.

Also, in other fútbol americano news, I knew that Hawaii was going to lose it to the Dawgs of UGA (there's no question that the SEC and WAC are different levels of play), but I thought the Warriors would put a few more points on the board. Would have been nice for them to have a real game to end their undefeated season. Still, Go Dawgs!

Also, I *really* hope that LSU sticks it to Ohio State. Y'all know I'll be rootin' for the SEC team, irregardless (that word was especially for you, Chris). Geaux Tigers! 🙂

UPDATE: Stupid Kansas. Also, Mike Huckabee wins the GOP caucas in Iowa? Do what now? Seriously, Iowa, what gives? Something is really strange out there on the plains...


3 thoughts on “Multi-post! (with commentary)”

  1. About the last thing, I don't think its just Iowa. I was listening to the debates the other day and was just amazed by the fact that none of the cadidates seemed willing to grow a set of balls and stand on issues. We deserve another W.

  2. Whoa, so we definitely don't deserve another Bush. I'm not even that pessimistic about the US. Anyway....what happened to Oklahoma on this whole football thing. We totally should have won. Too bad we didn't really show up.

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