I need some help

If anyone at Wilder finds themselves with a light work load and/or a desire to help a friend in need, I'm happy to oblige. Gaynell tells me that the fancy Dartmouth bond paper has arrived (it lives in the supply cabinet in the copy room) and as such my thesis needs to be printed and taken over to Wentworth 304.

Of course, it's not a simple as that. (Here is the directions .pdf from the Grad Studies page.)

(1) Print the thesis on this bond paper (thick stuff, has a Dartmouth seal watermark). One-sided, high-quality printing. [This is outlined in point 2, page 2 of the pdf.]

(2) Take said ~250 pages and put them in a box [see point 5, page 5]. From Judy, get the signed copy of the title page and the "certification form", and then take all these over to Ruth Dube at 304 Wentworth. Once I victim, I mean gopher has contacted me I will let her know to expect you.

(3) I'm pretty sure that's all that has to be done, but it would be a good idea to check with Judy to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

I had originally hoped to get the paper myself, print it out (in color) at Kinko's and then send it back, but there's not time (I have to get this done by the time Ruth leaves for Christmas break, which is either tomorrow or Friday.) So, printing it out on the black-and-white printer up in the atrium should be okay (almost all figures are ok in greyscale), and you'll just need to babysit it to make sure that it prints on the bond paper properly, etc.

So, if you can do this today and tomorrow, please let me know and I'll email you a copy of my thesis. Thanks in advance!