Last Wednesday I bought snow tires.  My 2WD Toyota Highlander slides around in bad weather like a hotdog in a bun.  So last Monday I alternately called City Tires and Interstate Tires until one of the lines wasn't busy.  Mr. City Tires asked what size tires I needed.  "I drive a Toyota Highlander." "Let's see... that's a 225-70.  I just have Firestone Winterforce in that size."  "Would you recommend those?"  "Thas all I got in that size.  I'm all outta th' others."

So I decided to go for it.  $109 a tire including installation, and another $10 each for studs.  I figured I was probably getting gypped, but I didn't really know what to do about that.  On Wedensday I waited an extra half hour "the stud gun broke.  it's been a helluva day"  and finally was ready to check out.  "What'd I say, $129?"  "No, you said $119.  $109+$10 for studs."  "Oh, yeah, right, probably forgot to write it down." Umm...

 This morning in a moment of weakness I pulled out the invoice.  There's a $12 recycling fee (what did they recycle?  They put my summer tires in my trunk) and a $15.50/tire studding service.  Umm... I thought it was $10/tire.

 So, my question is, how do I interact with members of the automotive services community without getting taken advantage of?