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So, I moved yesterday, not a huge move, just from the middle of a large office to one side. However, it brought up two issues.

1. I hate the IT staff here. I had to submit a formal request to IT to move my computer from one side of the room to the other. Of course, I didn't bother calling them when I moved it from the temporary place that the IT guy put it in to the final spot that I wanted.

2. When you sit with your desk in one place for a while, you don't pay much attention to dust and cleanliness. For my new spot, I rotated a few desks around and the dust bunnies were so big that they're more of dust rabbits. (Cue the snare drum.) Of course, it takes another special request to get someone up here with a mop.


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  1. Wow, that's a lot of degrees. good luck.

    Speaking of temperatures, we're due for another storm to come through, and it's supposed to get "cold" i.e. the snow line is supposed to come down to ~4,000 ft. I kinda want to put a space heater on the balcony for the plants and hummingbirds.

  2. Are you serious about having to get permission to move your computer? Is that just a matter of using a different ethernet port? or are they more evil than that?

  3. Sadly, I was being serious about getting permission to move the computer. One of the IT guys came over, unplugged the power cords and things, moved the computer to the other side of the room, and then called a network guy to handle the ethernet port. Oh, and it took almost two weeks between the time when I requested that they do it and when the guy showed up. And, in those two weeks, I never heard any sort of status update from IT.

    I'm not sure that it's evil though, just a system that's extraordinarily good at wasting time and taxpayer money. I think at the start it was probably a necessary system, if you have a mainframe and clients, they might not handle random disconnects well, but the policies haven't been changed in the last 15 years. It's my opinion that the head person in charge of IT here is either incompetent or simply doesn't care about the job. Of the ground-level staff, it seems like about half of them care and actually know what they're doing. The other half make postal workers or people at the DMV seem helpful. There's no leadership from the top though, so none of the issues get dealt with and a huge number of IT people get paid government-job wages to play solitaire.

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