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Maybe the image is still too small to read. Basically APS journals now allow authors to include their names in their own languages. For now this option is offered to Chinese, Japanese and Korean authors. Hmmm, should I add this to my next paper (if there's any)? 魏群 (windows people, you probably will only see two squares....)


5 thoughts on “Names?”

  1. Huh, that's kinda cool, and good to know. Maybe you should check with R and see if we can get that changed for our recently-submitted atom dynamics paper?

  2. Hehe, that might look kind of weird. The paper is in English, kind of strange and pointless to just write the name in Chinese. But it's kind of a good gesture of APS I guess:)

  3. I've always thought it's kind of odd how different places have their own names for other places. For instance, why do we say "Germany" when it's really "Deutschland"? Basically, I see no reason why proper names should be translated at all. (Of course, there's a huge double standard too, I assume that if I published a paper in some Chinese journal, they'd be more than happy to list my name as "Nathaniel Paust".)

  4. I think maybe sometimes the pronunciation is also a problem. If we all use the original names, I think we'll have troubles figuring out how to pronounce them properly, and people with different languages may have completely different idea to pronounce the same word and they may talk about the same thing without even realizing it. So maybe then it's better to just invent a new name and have everyone in this language use this name. Talking about names, I remember there are some regulations in China that require the major media to translate everything to Chinese, including the names. The problem is they don't really have a rule, so the names are just a mess. Sometimes I just couldn't figure out who they are talking about.

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