wanna blaze?

So i just found an iphone in the wilder washroom, touched the screen and an email came up with the words "you wanna blaze?"

Scrolled over and found a whole conversation between dundergrads about getting a really good "eighth", I resisted the temptation to make them give me some in return for the phone and gave the iphone to Gaynell with the text conversation open... hilarity ensued.

edit: (spelling corrected undergrads -> dundergrads)


2 thoughts on “wanna blaze?”

  1. Great post, Joel. But I'm waiting for an update...

    I love this story on several levels, for its commentary on Dundergrads.
    (a) if I had an iPhone i wouldn't go leaving it places, even if I'm Larry Craig.
    (b) I'm i'm trying to negotiate for a bag of weed I'm definitely going to be a little more careful
    (c) I'd love to see the advert "if you want to collect your lost iPhone and pipe, please come to the Phys Dept office" and the kid is like "oh man, I lost my pipe!"

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