wanna blaze?

So i just found an iphone in the wilder washroom, touched the screen and an email came up with the words "you wanna blaze?"

Scrolled over and found a whole conversation between dundergrads about getting a really good "eighth", I resisted the temptation to make them give me some in return for the phone and gave the iphone to Gaynell with the text conversation open... hilarity ensued.

edit: (spelling corrected undergrads -> dundergrads)


More vocab

(1) Dundergrad. n. formed from the contraction of Dartmouth + undergrad = D'undergrad, this term refers to those individuals who exhibit the baffling combination of [poor judgement/stupidity/lack of common sense/academic superiority/wealth/disregard for expensive possessions] that is characteristic of many Dartmouth students.

(2)Umfriend. n. An individual with whom one has a sexual relationship; as in, “this is Katie, my...um...friend.” (from a discussion overheard yesterday on the bus, good times.)