Hellooooo Soapbox!

Wow, thanks for the intro, Ethan! I confess that I've been keeping tabs on soapbox for a few months now, but haven't taken the initiative to get in touch with Nathaniel and learn how to log on. Thanks to Mike's thesis defense, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to Nathaniel, which I did with remarkable poise and grace.

Anyway, I look forward to posting frequently and commenting regularly. I can't wait to choose my categories! Also, I had a fabulous time at Brian's wedding, and if you want to hear more about it you should talk to Tim (totally sober), to me (mostly sober), to Joel (OK!?!), or to Chris (...).


5 thoughts on “Hellooooo Soapbox!”

  1. See, is 'general' really verboten, or just discouraged due to initial overuse? I think that some posts might well belong there.

    that said, I have to commend Laura on her other categories, it's a well-rounded post. Oh, and do the moodicons still exist? they were kinda entertaining.

  2. Ok, thanks for letting me know. Are there any more etiquette taboos I should know about?

    Too bad you can't have a mood for your comments. I think mine would be "buzzed" (thanks to a DC nogalatte).

  3. I frown on using "general" except for very rare situations. I think I'd rather have people make up a new category before they used "general".

    I can't think of many other etiquette things. If you do something wrong, we'll jump on you. 🙂 Or send someone to duct tape you to your desk. Yup, that would really be something.

    I think the moodicons still exist... Yup, just write your post, go down to the "Custom Fields" and type "mood", then type your mood into the "Value" box. The list of icons is in a link on the blog main page thanks to Michael's work long long ago.

    Mmmm, Dirty Cowboy. I don't know what they do to their Earl Grey tea, but it's seriously the best Earl Grey I've ever had. I should have gone there more than once on my last visit.

  4. Just a reminder about the minimum posting requirements during the initial member period. 🙂 And, looking forward to postings of wedding photos?

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