Welcome to Lauren

She wasn't sure exactly how to hop into the blog, so this is her official introduction...

Remember our slogan, "Quantity over Quality!"

(someone needs to translate that into Latin)


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y'all know who I am.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lauren”

  1. Is everybody's name messed up now, or just you two? Either way, it's funny. But yes, Ethan McDaniel is right, we don't care about the quality of posts, just that you are prolific.

    (For those who haven't read the helpfiles, new users need to post at least once per week for the first 8 weeks in order to keep their accounts active.)

    Anyway, regarding our motto: the translation isn't very straightforward, but you could go with "vires contra qualitas", which has a decent sound, or a little less literally but maybe more accurately, "frequens antepono pretium" or 'numbers before value/worth'. I'm sure we can do better, but that's all my 7th-grade Latin can remember for now.

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