College football post

Three college football myths to avoid: this Wojci post has something for everyone - Bashing the BCS system, making fun of the Heisman voters, and commenting on Nebraska's fallen star.

I don't think that a 8-team playoff is necessarily practical, but certainly a 4-team/2 round playoff is perfectly reasonable and would at the very least be a huge advance over the current "duct tape and stubbornness" of the BCS. </rant>


Out in the west Texas town of El Paso,

No, no Mexican girls or Marty Robbins, but if you want to see a movie you should go see No Country for Old Men, the new Coen brothers movie.

Kirsten and I went to see it on Thanksgiving evening and it's one of the more interesting movies that I've been to in a long time. Being as the movie takes place in the Southwest, I assumed that it would be at least something like Raising Arizona, maybe a little bit of suspense, but mostly a funny story. It's not.

There's very little I can say about the movie without giving away a lot of the plot, but two things struck me. First, setting the movie in the harshness of the desert Southwest was a good thing. It could just as easily been placed in a city somewhere, but the expansive landscapes and the climate's disregard for life do a great job mirroring the themes of the movie. Second, it raises a huge question, is there anything that can be done against evil? If there is someone truly evil about, is there any solution other than rubbing it off the planet as soon as possible? And, if that evil doesn't want to be found is there any solution at all?

Anyway, good movie, go see it.