Kitchen Question

So, my roommate is quite fond of using the gas oven in the apt.  Which results in this horrible, horrible smell pretty much the whole time it's in use.  I can't stand to be in the kitchen/dining/living room area when it's on, the smell is so overpowering.  Are we going to blow up, or is this normal?  I've no idea what unburned natural gas smells like, so I suppose it could just be the exhaust from the burning gas.  Given that the oven's ON and hot, and we haven't blown up yet, I assume I don't need to worry, at least about any booms?   Or is this something I should try to get them to fix (since it's not my dime fixing it), even if it's not critical to the safety of us in the apt as well as those around us?

Mood : nauseated