Comet Holmes

If you get the chance, go outside and check out Comet Holmes. If it's clear where you are, it's really easy to see.

It's a seriously crazy comet when you look into it as well. It really gets beaten around by Jupiter and Saturn's gravitational pull.

Here's a finder chart:

As far as I can remember, this is the first naked-eye comet visible since Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp back in 1996-1997.



I found our wonderful President's comments today very interesting:

"I believe the questions he's [attorney-general nominee Mukasey] been asked are unfair," Bush said in an Oval Office session with reporters. "He's been asked to give opinions of a program -- or techniques of a program -- on which he has not been briefed."

After he thought the microphones had been shut off, Bush added.
"Hell, that boy hasn't been told about any of the 100 or so people we waterboard daily. And I'm definitely not going to tell him about my waterboarding fetish. I love it when Laura straps me to a sheet of plywood in the bathroom. Hmm, I probably will have to tell him once he becomes AG though, he might want to play too."


Two rants in one!

Rant #1 really goes with the previous email rant. I got a message this morning that, because Microsoft didn't send out patches updating computers about when daylight savings time ends, everyone's appointments for this week might be messed up. Hmm, maybe they shouldn't have set up an IT structure based on a single platform. (Actually, this isn't that big of a deal, but it really bothers me... perhaps it's the fact that the message was sent out in the form of a word document.)

Rant #2. My domain names apparently expired at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately, the company I registered with only had my Dartmouth email on file so I didn't know they were expiring. My normal email at is back up and working after having errors all yesterday afternoon. However, I also owned and someone fucking tried to steal it. How crazy is that? Now there's a 3-7 day process to verify the fact that I've owned the domain for the last 2 years and to establish that I don't want to give it up. But really, who would want I shouldn't even want it.