'Islamo-fascism' linkpost

This article in The D caught my attention, as I wait for my stupid code to finish running. Raises some good points, and some not-so-good ones, but a couple quotes towards the bottom of the page surprised me.

“Marxism currently exists in only three places: North Korea, Cuba and American universities,” said [econ professor] Kohn. He went on to call the academic left a “watered-down version of Marxism.”


Yeah, so...

...the Sox won the Series, for those who didn't already know. Since we have Rockies fans among us, so I won't speak more on this. Instead, I'll move on to another fine example of reasons to love Jerry Remy. This should amuse Michael, at least...

Just now, during the post-analysis on NESN with Jerry and Jim Rice, they touched on the odd diversion during the eighth inning of tonight's broadcast. For those who weren't following along, the geniuses on the mic at FOX decided to start discussing the fact that A-Rod was opting out of his contract with the Yanks. It was in decidedly poor taste and very unsporting: disrespecting the game at hand, and, by extension, all members of the Rockies and the Sox, and frankly, all of Denver. More than stoopid - downright careless.

Anyways, Remy summed up his reaction in about two sentences. Before he was done, he laid the blame on both Scott Boras (everyone's favorite agent to hate) for choosing to release that info in the middle of the World Series and the moronic FOX broadcasters for deciding to talk about in the late innings of Game 4.

I wish I could find a transcript of the fire Remy was spitting. It was awesome. No beating around the bush at all: the words "despicable", "disgusting", and I think "unprofessional" all made appearances, and, had he been a younger man, I think they would have needed to tape-delay his comments in order to properly censor him. 🙂 Go, Rem-Dawg!


Smoke on the water

Sorry to all for the lack of an update this past week, but things have been a little busy. The last couple days have seen an improvement in the weather, but basically the reason why the fires were so bad earlier in the week was that we had "Santa Ana" weather conditions: hot, dry, strong winds coming from the East, right off the desert. Throw in the fact that we've had something like 25% of the normal rainfall this summer/fall, and 80 mph winds are going to make any fire burn pretty intensely.

So, what started out as large-but-not-crazy-fires grew very quickly, and more importantly jumped around - all it took was one burning palm frond or tumbleweed to get blown a quarter-mile downwind, and all of the sudden the fire took off at that point. What really freaked people out was Friday night/Saturday morning, when the fire zoomed several miles and jumped I-15, a billion-lane freeway. So, I don't know the total, but well over a half-million people were evacuated. Part of the Miramar airbase to our immediate East was evacuated, but the UCSD campus wasn't touched, we just had a constant rain of ash, and breathing sucked. (K said it reminder her of Katmandu, where she had a chonic cough for the 6 weeks she was there, but cleared up within an hour of leaving the city.) Some places farther closer to the fires/more directly downwind got an inch+ of ash, like a powdery snow (that would choke you if you took a step).

Here's another description, if you feel like reading. The days kinda run together for me - Mary says she didn't notice it until Sunday, I noticed it Friday afternoon but we're on the top of a hill. As of yesterday they started opening up some of the evac areas, but even though they can go back in, the water is polluted/shut off, and things are a mess. There was a lot of charity this past week, hopefully people remember that it's still needed.

Finally, a big thank you to all the firefighters, local and from Norcal, Wyoming, Oregon, etc.



So, things got bad there... to the point where my attempt to reboot remotely didn't even work.

However, Andrea gave dactyl a hand by pulling the plug and now everything looks peachy.

Time to start gushing about the Sox.

And wondering if Michael is on fire or not.


Toxic Load

The CNN headline reads "Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies".

My initial reaction was a seemingly callous "no duh!" but also pleased that maybe, just maybe, this will finally get people's attention.  Given that K worked on a boat that for over 5 years traveled the globe taking top-of-the-foodchain (sperm whales) tissue samples, finding that there is nowhere in the ocean that is unpolluted, this isn't a big surprise.

Relatedly, I recommend "Michael Clayton".  check it out.  Kinda formulaic at times, but still pretty good.

We took the opportunity to move as a chance to implement something I've wanted to do for a while, which is to have to have a 'plastic-free' house.  Obviously there are limits, but my initial criterion was to minimize the plastic we eat out of, and also to not use "recycling" as an excuse for buying disposable plastic containers - the recycling process for plastics is much more inefficient than for metal or glass, and so you feel good going it, but it's not too great.  Anyway, we found some really cool glass containers at World Traders, and it's going ok.  I'm saying this not to sound all smug, just to illustrate that (a) it can be done and (b) it's really hard/depression how addicted we are to a plastic/toxic lifestyle.


Rocks vs Sox

Congratulations to the Red Sox for last nights impressive win over the Indians of Cleveland. They get the pleasure of meeting the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. Should be a fun week.

My only biased question to ask is: are the Rockies going to sweep the Sox like they did to the Phillies and D-backs? They beat the Sox 2 out of 3 games at Fenway during the regular season ... The magic 8-ball is saying yes... /tuant