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Way back when, in high school, it used to be cool for people to get a couple of bazooka bass tubes and throw them in the back of their cars. On one hand, they can be cool, but you can't crank the gain all the way up. They ended up just distorting everything and making random parts of the car rattle.

Here's the logical end of the bigger=better idea for car bass.


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3 thoughts on “another rant”

  1. I was hoping that either the windshield glue would fail (not likely) or the airbags would go off. *disappointed*

  2. I like that the genius who owns this truck chose to play a "chopped and screwed" hip-hop track to demonstrate his bass dominance.

    With all those effective step functions and nearly-square-wave-beats at that amplitude, it's a wonder the speakers haven't shredded themselves. 😛

  3. With how much the roof of the car was vibrating, I wonder if he's going to have to worry about metal fatigue. Or if the top will get work hardened and then just shatter at some point.

    I gotta say, that would be pretty cool.

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