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So, I'm sure I've ranted enough about how much I hate the blitzmail program. I just don't like how the software was designed. On the other hand, the Dartmouth IT folk were nice enough to make it possible to get your email through a standard IMAP interface so you can use whatever program you want and it just works.

I've found a system that's hugely worse. The email at Loyola College, where I'm teaching a class this semester, is run on Novell GroupWise. It's the perfect example of what I think of when I think of Windows Hell. The whole point of it is to integrate with windows while just completely ignoring any sort of standard behavior of mail clients. To make matters even worse, there is no way to check your mail using anything other than the GroupWise client. You can set your groupwise email to forward to a normal email account, but there's no way to make it actually send along the email address that something originally came from, it says "Samuel Nota" instead of "snota@something.com". Oh, and the quotas are set at about 2 MB, so you can't keep more than 20-30 of the bloated messages in your inbox at any one time.

The integration with windows makes people do stupid things too: all informational letters are sent out as word documents rather than being attached as pdfs or just being typed in the message body. It's amazingly frustrating when you know how things should actually work.

Ok, rant done.


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  1. One other quick rant... we keep getting emails with the subject "in memory of...". It seems that there's a policy that whenever anyone, and I mean anyone, connected in any way with the college dies, it gets sent out to everyone.

    Today it was a MEd student who graduated in 2005. A few weeks ago it was the great grandfather of someone who works in the mail room. I understand that people are sad about losing loved ones, I'm just not sure that telling a whole bunch of strangers is terrifically useful. Maybe it's just because I'm sort of a private mourning person rather than a wailing and gnashing of teeth kind of person.

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