Yeah, so...

...the Sox won the Series, for those who didn't already know. Since we have Rockies fans among us, so I won't speak more on this. Instead, I'll move on to another fine example of reasons to love Jerry Remy. This should amuse Michael, at least...

Just now, during the post-analysis on NESN with Jerry and Jim Rice, they touched on the odd diversion during the eighth inning of tonight's broadcast. For those who weren't following along, the geniuses on the mic at FOX decided to start discussing the fact that A-Rod was opting out of his contract with the Yanks. It was in decidedly poor taste and very unsporting: disrespecting the game at hand, and, by extension, all members of the Rockies and the Sox, and frankly, all of Denver. More than stoopid - downright careless.

Anyways, Remy summed up his reaction in about two sentences. Before he was done, he laid the blame on both Scott Boras (everyone's favorite agent to hate) for choosing to release that info in the middle of the World Series and the moronic FOX broadcasters for deciding to talk about in the late innings of Game 4.

I wish I could find a transcript of the fire Remy was spitting. It was awesome. No beating around the bush at all: the words "despicable", "disgusting", and I think "unprofessional" all made appearances, and, had he been a younger man, I think they would have needed to tape-delay his comments in order to properly censor him. 🙂 Go, Rem-Dawg!


4 thoughts on “Yeah, so...”

  1. I'm sorry I missed that. I'm glad that Jerry called out Boras - don't think the timing of A-rod's decision wasn't carefully calculated. What a jerk.

    (I know, I know, Varitek works with Boras, but I'm just repressing that particular detail.)

  2. Another thought I had at the time was that it was pretty classless to blow off Hank Aaron, yet make the opt-out announcement later in the game. Not cool.

    I was talking with Jim about this a couple weeks ago, and we both admitted that a small part of us wants the Sox to get A-Rod, just because who doesn't want to add the best player in the league, but a larger part says no. Firstly b/c I don't want the Sox to (further?) become the Yankees, and also because I don't think it would be good for the team. We have a lot of great young talent, and while Mike Lowell is old, he's not that old, and more importantly he's what Varitek would be if Tek weren't a catcher/weren't captain.

    I loved Fox's postgame interview with Tek: "this team has a lot of pride, and [getting choked up] sorry, I'm just a little ...happy... right now."

  3. There are only a couple of players in baseball that I don't like. Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, and A. Rod. All of them ditched the Mariners for greener pastures. My dislike of Ken Jr. has gone down a lot over the last couple of years, largely because I haven't heard anything about him. Similarly, I kind of like Randy Johnson now. I mean, how can you dislike "the Big Unit"? I sort of feel like he left the Mariners just because it was time to move on rather than out of greed.

    Now, A. Rod on the other hand deserted us to get his half billion dollars out of Texas. Fucker. And the move he did (was it four years ago now?) pushing the baserunner in the playoffs was just an asshole thing to do. Obviously the Sox can win without him, so I'd just let him stew somewhere else.

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