This one's mainly directed at our favorite early-adopter (this means you, G-Money), but anyone else who's hooked up the newest OS X release should weigh in with their thoughts, too.

Also, to keep this post interesting, check out the laziest picture of a leopard. Ever. No, seriously, that's pretty darned chill. That cat must live at a zoo or some other place where chasing down the food is not required.


3 thoughts on “Leopard?”

  1. I'm looking forward to grabbing my copy of Leopard when I'm back in town in a couple weeks. Looks like the defense is gonna be on the 15th, if the final scheduling can work out. But anyway, yeah, what do people think of it?

    P.S. I haven't checked this - can my Powerbook even run 10.5, or is it Intel-only?

  2. I got my copy Friday morning and finally had time to put it on my powerbook after dinner on Friday.

    I need to post more though, so I'll write a whole review post.

    It definitely will work on your PowerBook though Michael.

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