No Fun League

I understand that the NFL likes to keep it's players under control, and given that half of the Bengals have been arrested/jailed in the last 6 months, I sorta understand, but fining players for creativity is pretty lame.

The most recent offense is a $7,500 fine to Maurice Jones-Drew for his touchdown celebration where he used the goal post as an ATM machine, punching in his PIN and removing the cash.

Buuuut, league rules say that a player cannot use a prop as part of a celebration (this is known as the TO Sharpie Rule), and apparently the goal post counts as a prop, and thus the $7,500 fine.  This after similar fines for other players' celebrations, including changing the 'ball's diaper, treating the ball as a billiard ball (with the pylon as the cue stick), etc.  And let's not forget that the Mile-High Salute was banned b/c it involved multiple players and was "premeditated".

Honestly, would Goodell rather have people talking about the guy who is paralyzed or will have to retire due to injury (happens most weeks) or about the cool celebration in ____ game?  I know he wants to start his regime off on the right foot, and establish discipline levels, but this is ridiculous.