College Presidents

This past week I've read two articles by Dartmouth's and Earlham's Presidents that really impressed me.  First, Jimmy Wright has spoken out for the new GI Bill being proposed by a couple Congressmen, Senator Jim Webb (D-Va) and Representative Robert Scott (D-Va).  In light of my buddies' experiences, I have thought this for a while, that the current plan (a) doesn't pay enough and (b) is too limited.

The second and completely unrelated article comes to us from Doug Bennett, Earlham President, discussing the future of D-III athletics.  That's a subject near and dear to my heart, and he raised points about how D-III has now grown to be larger than the scholarship-offering divisions, and that maybe there needs to be a similar split,  with participation limits and redshirting as two contentious elements.  [Here's the link if you have a Chronicle of Higher Ed login, or get the pdf for free here]