Good/Bad Scheduling

First, the good: please, for the love of all things holy, watch some baseball today! Even if you normally don't care about these things, today is the last day of the regular season, with four teams fighting for two playoff spots, separated by one game in the standings. The Mets and Phillies are tied for the division lead, with the division loser fighting for the wild card (both teams are tied with the Rockies, and all three are one game back of San Diego).

Here's the summary.

Now, the bad: of all the football games to show in the early game, what does CBS choose for the San Diego market? Oakland vs Miami, a really ugly game between two sucky team that nobody cares about. Oh well, that's another three hours of my life saved (so I can work more on thesis writing).

P.S. does anybody know of a good San Diego sports bar where I can watch MNF?