POTW #8: Nice Tat


shutter: 1/60, focal length: 40mm, aperture:f/2.7
This was shot in July at the Montreal Jazzfest while listening to a concert in the street.


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3 thoughts on “POTW #8: Nice Tat”

  1. The color on that is pretty impressive, either new-ish or she had a recent touchup?

    We saw a pretty impressive one last week at the DMV, where her entire chest (what we could see of it) was covered in floral things/vines/etc. Impressive but "... it would be pity to damage [yours]".

  2. This image didn't look like this straight out of the camera. The colors are actually much less vivid in the original file, but who's to say that a ccd's idea of color fidelity is at all valid. I punched up the colors quite a bit in GIMP. I've seen some ink like what you saw at the DMV, and I agree with you.

  3. I don't really know if I approve of sleeve tattoos on women. (Or men for that matter.) A little tattoo is fine, huge ones don't float my boat.

    Big chestpieces similarly don't do it for me because boobies should be smooth and nice, not covered with lines.

    As for fiddling with the saturation of the picture, unless you've calibrated the sensor in your camera, it's arbitrary anyway. It's not documentary, it's art.

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